Fairyplay House


Dimensions: 17 in. high; base: 11 in wide, 11 in deep (sizes aprox; each piece varies slightly)

Each Fairplay House is similar to the picture but will differ slightly.

Fairy not included

Handmade, wooden furniture included, as shown.


We wanted to call this series of open sided houses “dollhouses” but we had a Fairy mutiny on our hands. “It’s a stage!!” they delightedly shrieked. “A real theater!” And they flitted off to find costumes and props. We suspect they will try out everything from pageants to improvisation, opera, and drama. Commedia dell’Fairy? Vaudeville? Anything’s possible. If you build a stage, they will perform. If you ask nicely, they may let you direct but you’ll also have to be the enthusiastic audience. We’re sure the Fairies will love taking curtain calls. We’ve included some furniture for stage sets – or in case they want to move in between shows.


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