Hobbitcottage: A Hobbit Home for the Fairies


Whether chosen for habitation by Hobbits or Fairies, we know any occupant will be thankful that you’ve provided such an enchanted abode to welcome them to your home or garden.


Our Fairy friends love Hobbits. They’re gentle souls with slightly pointed ears and furry feet, are wonderful gardeners, love tea, mead, and mushrooms – and they make really good neighbors. That’s why the Fairies had us create Hobbitats which could be tucked into a little hill to provide suitable accommodations for their Hobbit friends.

Recently the Fairies asked us to make a smaller version of the Hobbitat so that Hobbits who come to visit the Fairy village would have a place to stay. “Like a guest cottage!” they added, helpfully.

So we created this Hobbitcottage, which they – and their Hobbit advisors – approved. It’s a snug little abode with a round door to appeal to Hobbits and a rustic chimney and crescent moon window to charm any potential occupant.

This Hobbitcottage makes a cozy starter home or can serve as a guest house or in-law quarters. Having Fairies choose to settle in is also a distinct possibility. We built it with a peaked roof so it could be either free standing or buried into a hill. Fairies are not as fond of partial underground living as are their Hobbit friends and they suggested the change in roof shape so we suspect they might be interested in trying out this sweet cottage for themselves.



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