Woodsey Fairy Door


Dimensions: Aprox 5 in high, 4 in wide


When you sit in a quiet room alone, without music or TV, have you ever heard scratching and rustling in the wall?  Or the ceiling?  “A mouse!” you think, or perhaps – horrors! – “termites!”
Or have you heard a buzzing, like a bee trapped in a jar or even heard distant laughter or faint bells?  Although it’s always possible that a mouse is the source of the sound, it is just as likely – if you are a Fairy Friend – that the noises you hear are Fairies, trying to make the transition from their realm to yours.  The paths through the mists have no signposts and it’s easy to lose your way and end up between 2 X 4’s and sheet rock with no way out.
Offer the Fairies an alternative to being stuck in the walls, in a tree, a rock, or your china cabinet.  Attach a Fairy door to any surface and give them the opportunity to easily stroll between your world and their own.  With this magical door, they can make their home in a wall or tree and stay close to you and the activities of the human world while still living in Faerie.

All doors open. What you see if you open the door will be the surface to which you’ve attached it.  But wait.  If you offer the Fairies treats and gifts on the full moon, spend time sitting quietly and tuning yourself to the vibration of Faerie, perhaps, one day, they will let you see through the door into their world.

Each door is handmade.  Door frame is driftwood, door is cedar, threshold stones have been tossed by various rivers. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.