Whooshing Well


4-1/2 in high; base, 3 in diameter


With the first light of dawn, the Fairies of Filaree begin arriving at the well. Some come for pure, clear, water but most come like commuters to a subway station, waiting for their transportation to work. This enchanted well is not only Filaree’s main source of water, it is also an express gateway through which the Fairies Whoosh to the world of humans. The underlying spring whispered its magic to the Fairies who built the village and created the well to serve as a gateway though the mists. The water itself nourishes and heals; it makes a powerful surface for seeing into the future. A few drops, when tossed on dishes or a window, will instantly clean any surface. In the water is hope, love, compassion, and curiosity. The bucket leaks so that the magical water is always shared with the earth, and the well itself has an echo – the sounds of Faerie bounce around until they find their way through the gateway into our world. Occaisonally a young Fairy will close her eyes, whisper softly, and throw a rose petal into the well. Sometimes even Fairies have wishes.